About us

From our humble origins, we have expanded into one of the leading government (and private) contractors for the supply of goods. With offices in Kabul, Middle East, USA & Canada, Hamed Warasta is rapidly becoming a recognized global brand name.


Our Services

From IT equipment to vehicles, office supplies and consumer/retailer goods, Hamed Warasta takes care of all your resources. Our affiliations with local vendors and international clients enable businesses, NGOs and governmental agencies to avail quality-assured goods at affordable costs, making our proposals stand out among other RFPs.

Our Clients

Hamed Warasta is the leading representative and authorized dealer of several international brands in the Afghan region. From complex computer manufacturers to personal gift vendors, our trusted partners help us meet your business requirements without incurring any significant costs.

WELCOME TO Hamed Warasta Group of Companies

At Hamed Warasta, we help businesses grow and projects managers meet their deadlines. From providing goods to taking care of all your procurement needs, we help you meet all your resource requirements for both one-off and day-to-day operations in Afghanistan. If you’re venturing to the Afghan Region, there are several reasons why you should let Hamed Warasta Group take care of all your resource needs…Read More

President message

  • Resource availability re-shapes business innovation and budgetary constraints. Incorporation, continual growth and proper functioning of government ministries, foreign missions and business are contingent on quality procurement.


  • Managing projects has never been this easy before. All my resource requirements were met on a timely basis and the massive discounts offered helped save our business on your budget. Hamed Warasta expertise is remarkable and highly recommended!
    Ministry of Agriculture